Ahem....mi mi mi mi...Come on everyone -- sing along!!!!!!
(to the tune of the "Animaniacs Theme Song", for those who might be humorically challenged)


It's time for Para-med-iacs
We see lots of heart attacks
If you dial 9-1-1
You'll be in for lots of fun
We're Para-med-iacs!


Meet plain ol' Roy DeSoto
And his partner Johnny Gage

They sit around at 51
Until they get a page
They jump into their squad car
And hurry to the spot
With safety ropes, IVs and stokes
And now you know the plot!


We're Para-med-iacs
Marco, Chet, Stoker and Cap

Not a single one's a slouch
Henry sits upon the couch
We're Para-medi-acs!


Meet our favorite RN, Dixie
She's a really sexy nurse

Joe Early's a great doctor
Though his hair looks like it's cursed
Brackett's got his sideburns
He's making lots of bucks
And Morton's skills are bueno
Though his bedside manner sucks


We're Para-med-iacs
We eat hot dogs and Big Macs

So you'd better treat us nice
Or next time we'll send you Brice
We're Para-medi-
Always steady
"Pulse is thready"
Para-med-iacs--those are the facts!