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News of the World

January 10, 2010--Welcome to the new year! We start with a bang, with no fewer than seven additions to the archive:
  • Butterball Rising (Eureka)--In a world where Allison Blake has been called away on a family emergency, one man dares enter the kitchen to prepare a Thanksgiving meal.
  • Coming of Age (Eureka)--Allison calls Stark and Carter for advice and assist when she walks in Kevin at the worst possible time for a teenager.
  • Going Starkers (Eureka)--Fargo and Julia hook up, thus heralding the end of the world. Who ya gonna call? Well, not THEM...this is EUREKA!
  • Eureka Ten Second Tales (Eureka)--Strange tales told in brief.
  • Along Came A Spider... (Eureka)--A tender moment between Allison and Nathan is interrupted by a menace of the eight-legged variety.
  • Fandom Brotherhood Week (General)--Can't we all just get along? (No.)
  • Marina and the Gomtuu (Star Trek TNG)--Will Riker tells his daughter a bedtime story with familiar elements.
August 27, 2009--Finished reformatting the stories, and added five stories to the archive! Check out the Eureka and Ultraman sections for details!

August 16, 2009--Knocked a bunch of the old stories into a common format, will probably add a few new ones to the mix.

June 27--Cherry Blossoms has been restored to the archive!

March 1, 2009--Reality Check has been restored to the archive.

2/24/2009--Apologies for the lack of updates; been distracted with various real-life issues. At any rate, I'm pleased to note that Perfect World and All Hallows Eve are reformatted and ready for reading. More to come...a LOT more to come!

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